Pitney Bowes 基金会 健康中心


Pitney Bowes 基金会 健康中心

星期一:9 am-6pm
星期五:9 am-1pm

The Center will be closed for Thanksgiving Recess
Monday November 22nd through Friday November 24th. 

For more information call 203-857-7193

The Pitney Bowes 基金会 健康中心 at CT State Norwalk is a state-of-the-art exercise facility that is committed to improving the general health and  well being of all patrons. We encourage safe and effective exercise in an effort to improve one’s quality of life.


所有首次加入的会员必须完成 a 新会员资料包 prior to using the Pitney Bowes 基金会 健康中心.

The 健康中心 is free for all CT State Norwalk faculty, 工作人员, 学生, 终身学习者, 安全, 清洁, 还有食堂工作人员. You must have an affiliation with the college to use our facilities. Currently, we do not offer community memberships. 登记 to use the 健康中心 entails submitting a completed 新会员资料包.

All first-time members must complete a new member packet prior to using the Pitney Bowes 基金会 健康中心. This packet is available at the front desk in the 健康中心 and can also be downloaded by clicking on the link above. The first page of this document is a medical form called the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). All medical information provided is kept confidential and locked in our front office. It is asked that this form be honestly and completely filled out on both sides. The PAR-Q must be renewed every three years and qualified professional 工作人员 reserve the right to request medical clearance if deemed appropriate. Those patrons who require medical clearance cannot use the facility until clearance is received and processed. The second page requires signing off on our mandatory rules and regulations for facility usage.


All patrons must present a valid CT State Norwalk photo identification card (with barcode) upon entry of the facility. Each ID Card must also have a current semester sticker. ID cards and stickers can only be obtained from Security, located in the Atrium of the East Campus.

NOTE: Lifetime learners must present their LLI Membership Card and a photo ID. If a person does not appear on the LLI membership list provided to the 健康中心, they will not be allowed to use the facility. The 健康中心 is not responsible for LLI membership verification.


Our state of the art facility includes:
  • a semi-separate cardio room with six treadmills
  • 三个直立循环
  • 两个平卧循环
  • 一个全身锻炼者
  • 四台椭圆交叉训练机
  • 两个自适应运动训练器
  • 阶梯磨机
Our resistance training area features:
  • a complete line of weight stack machines
  • 动力起重设备
  • 功能性训练师
  • 自由重量器械
  • a variety of accessory training equipment


Recommended for those with little experience using fitness equipment.  A trained 工作人员 member will describe the basics on how to use the equipment in the facility.  Proper form and technique and foundations to safe and effective exercise training will also be reviewed.

This service is mandatory for any patron who is age 17 or younger.  Minors cannot use the 健康中心 until the 设备定位 is completed by a qualified Wellness Attendant.

更衣室 are to be used only by patrons of the 健康中心. Small locker registration will resume as of the fall 2023 semester. Select full size lockers are available while using the 健康中心. Items left overnight will be removed for your safety and ours.

Showers are available and patrons must supply their own soap and towels.